Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Food just isn't good to me anymore....

Those are some harsh words. Okay, so maybe food isn't good to me right now. How can food not be good to someone who loves all things food, a "foodie" if you will? I don't know!! But everything I have consumed today in the way of nourishment has just been a disappointment. Maybe I have discovered the deep, dark secret of why I am, and have always been, a little on the heavy side......I expect food to be more than just nourishment!! Perhaps if my love for food, cooking, restaurants, food magazines, food blogs, and grocery stores were to cease, I could possibly be thin. But then that wouldn't be much fun, now would it? Alas, tomorrow is another day...!

Breakfast was probably the most satisfying meal of my day. I heated up yet another Trader Joe's Triple Berry Bran Muffin and had a cup of skim milk. I was really craving a glass of cold moo juice.

Lunch was leftover from yesterday's lunch at Subway. YESTERDAY, I really enjoyed the new buffalo chicken sub. I had it loaded up with veggies and it was really yummy. TODAY, on the other hand, the bread was mushy and all the veggies were soft. I could barely stand to eat it...

At least the baked Cheetos were okay...

Even my afternoon snack was unsatisfying. I had Wallaby organic maple flavored yogurt with Trader Joe's pumpkin spice granola. Once I at the granola off the top, I realized the yogurt was a little to thin in texture for me so I gave up on my snack all together.

For dinner, we ran up to Johnny's NY Pizza (mind you, we are in Georgia). Eric got a Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) stromboli while I went for a side salad and their house calzone. Again, none too impressed. Wish I would have gotten a Hawaiian stromboli....Eric's meal was a hundred times better than mine.

So for today, I am giving up on food. I am sure this is just a not worry my foodie friends. I am sure I will be back to loving all things food tomorrow.

In completely unrelated food news, I was looking for a picture to take with me this weekend so that hairdresser knows how I want my hair for the wedding. (I am matron of honor in my bestie Becky's wedding). Looking through photos, I came across some of my bridal portraits. I can't believe its been three years!!!

Night ya'll!


  1. I hate disappointing food days! Hope tomorrow brings tastier treats!

  2. I love that bridal picture of you! It' so fun. :)

    I think everyone has disappointing days re: food. That's why each day is a brand new day. :)

  3. What a cute picture of you! I love that photo! I'm getting married next year and I'd love a pic like that... Have to show this to my photographer! That is, if I pick I dress I can run in. Now, do I let my groom know I need a dress that gives me the chance to leg it if I need to...?