Monday, September 28, 2009

Perhaps O'Charley's was a bad idea....

Let's just say my tummy woke me up at 2:30 am. Enough said. No more O'Charley's for a while!

Because I had an upset tummy, I decided to have a lunch that my mama would most certainly approve of:

chicken noodle soup, crackers, and clear liquids
bland, bland, bland

I finally made it out of the house for a few errands. While I was out and about, I kept dreaming of Starbucks after seeing that Marisa had broken down and gotten a Pumpkin Spice Light Frappuccino. The nutritional stats weren't bad at all, so I had to get one myself.

I also needed yet another snack just a few hours later

After picking up my bridesmaids dress from Toni, the seamstress, it was time to cook up some dinner.

Roasted chicken from Costco, whole grain rice/ orzo, biscuits (1 point per biscuit!) and roasted tomatoes with parmesan cheese

I had enough points left for a little bite of desert:

Got these little yogurt parfait bites from Costco (wow! we buy a lot at Costco!). Four points for such a small portion...I'm not quite sure they're worth it!!

Night ya'll!

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  1. That happened to me the ONE and only time I've ever eaten at Frisch's (Big Boy). Both kids and I were hit HARD. Blech. Hope you're feeling better!