Monday, October 26, 2009


I know I have been M.I.A the past few weeks - funny how life just sort of happens around us. Tonight's post will be short because I am pooped. I started day 1 of what could possibly be a long term sub job - yay! However, long days and little sleep make me a sleepy girl. Will post more soon...I promise!

I actually had enough time this morning to eat at home before heading out to school. I toasted a Thomas Light Multi Grain English Muffin and topped it with some Blue Diamond Almond Butter. This was my first experience with almond butter, and I really liked it! I rounded out breakast with some reduced sugar orange juice.

I took my lunch to school like a good little girl! I had a Lean Cuisine and a banana.

I was so very busy at school and the day sort of slipped away from me with no real opportunity for a snack. Which of course meant I was starving when I got home. The hubs wasn't hungry so I fixed an Asian inspired meal for myself. I found some really yummy chicken dumplings in the fresh foods section at Costco this past weekend. I had 6 dumplings, 2 Trader Joe's veggie egg rolls, and a cup of the CP shrimp wonton soup. The meal was very satisfying and helped to curve the Chinese food cravings I was having!

I still have 3 WW points left today- I think I will wrap things up so I can head into the kitchen for a goodnight-glass of chocolate skim milk!

Night ya'll!

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